Monday, February 11, 2013

Make money with your digital photos

Hi Everyone, I'm sorry for not posting more information sooner, but as you know it has been tough to find reliable income producing opportunities during these past few years.

I've finally found another money making opportunity.  I've talked about it in the past but was always hung up on whether this is a real opportunity, or just a scam.  The good news is that I've been following one trainer for over a year and am ready to make the recommendation.

Sell your digital photographs for extra income or even replacement income.  BUT you have to do it in the right way.  This is why I've been holding off on passing this information for so long.

I've been looking at training material and books and software and have found a glaring hole in most of the photography programs out there.  They don't teach you how to actually earn an income selling your photographs.

Most digital picture training programs are geared to the artistic or commercial photographers.  It took me all of 10 seconds to get confused when I reviewed them.  And I quickly realized that the payoffs would be slow and few.

  Now look at this:

 A similar tomato shot is available for sale on iStockphoto  and goes for $9- $29 (depending on what pixel size you want ) per download !

You can take a tomato, put it in a white box and take a pic and get money for it..... if you know the rules.  Try it on your own and you will get frustrated pretty fast.  Learn from AWAI's training team and you will know all the shortcuts in no time.

Bonnie Caton at AWAI has put a great instructional video program together that will get you up and running in 30 days or less.  She calls it The 30 Day Stock Success Program  and it came about as a result of her own successful journey into the world of stock photography.  Click on this link to get more information
The 30 Day Stock Success Program

If you are looking to find a way to make your travels or activities pay for themselves then perhaps Lori's course would be better for you:

AWAI's digital photo training program to Turn your Pictures Into Cash

This program will teach you how to take all those vacation photos and find some to sell.  Or if you are a typical parent and always on the go, you will have all sorts of photo opportunities presented to you as you ferry the kids and wait to pick them up.  This course will show you how to shoot great shots sell them to stock agencies.

Both of the courses I mentioned are great.  It is just a matter of what your current focus is going to be.

Spring is around the corner as I write this and people are out on their walks.   I'm noticing that every second person I'm passing has a camera.  But when I go on the internet I only see pictures posted to social media sights.  Why not learn to take pictures that are in commercial demand?  Why not turn your walks into profits?  The only difference is in the training. Once you develop an eye for a salable picture, your walks will have a whole new dimension.

And when the weather is bad, you can get out that box and take shots of stuff you have laying around the house.  Webmasters, and editors are constantly looking for generic pictures, just like that tomato!  Instead of putting your photos up on Instagram for friends to comment on, you can post them to a stock site and get some cash.

I'll let you in on a secret.  Many "professional" photographers look down on stock photo contributors.  They feel that a true professional photographer should spend hours in the field and even more in post production.  This is fine if you are going to charge several hundred dollars for an "artistic" print.  But is a waste of time if you just want to sell stock.

You see, many editors don't want pictures that are "artistic".  Their readers want to see real life.  And webmasters want something their graphic designers can manipulate according to the needs of the website under construction.  So in Stock Photography, simpler is better.  And for you, simpler means less headaches in learning an endless list of technicalities.

The other reason why I've finally decided to recommend AWAI's Turn Your Pictures Into Cash program is because of the people involved.

After looking at various books and training programs, I realized that having real life people involved is a big difference in making something a success.  When you get the program you will get introduced to a very caring community of trainers and fellow students.

This is not just an opportunity to make some extra money,  It is an opportunity to be part of a positive fun community of people spread out across the world.  Think about it.  A solid course to train you how to make cash with just a slight modification of what you are already doing ( sharing photos).  And a positive caring supportive community instead of the sour complaining folks out there who want to keep you down.

I'm doing some writing courses through AWAI and can attest to the great support and uplifting attitude.

So if you like to take photos, and want to produce in-demand professional quality work, why not give Lori's comprehensive professional photography course a try?

 Click here to see more about AWAI's photo training program


If you want to jump in and start producing stock photography that sells fast
Click here to check out Bonnie's 30 Day Stock Success video training course.