Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Become a Tycoon

Now here is something to run through your values filter..... Let me tell you about a conversation I had over the weekend.

We were walking along the harbour in Bellingham Washington ( one of the most beautiful places in the Northwest) and I was telling my friends about the alarming statistics I had been hearing and how they could be used to create opportunities.

US consumer confidence is plunging as people see their property values decline, debt increase, energy costs increase, and jobs become unstable. The "Experts" out there are still telling us ( the great unwashed) that there is no need to panic. But, as I've said before, the fund managers are filling up their cash reserves, buying bonds, and picking through their equity portfolios like grandma at the day-old bakery rack! Of course, if you have had to put up with my rants over the past few months, none of this should surprise you. But one statistic really made me stop everything I was doing for a while.

I heard an analyst calmly mention that the banks were getting ready for a 34% default rate in mortgages. 34%???? I'm not sure just how calm I would be if I was a loans officer looking at that in my portfolio. But the Powers That Be all consider this to be a great thing. This morning I just heard another analyst praise the Fed for "cooling down the housing market" through interest rate hikes.

So what do these people know that we don't know? Well, they know how to use other peoples' pain for their profit. Where do you think all that hoarded cash is going to go when people start defaulting on loans and start walking away from their homes? "Honey, meet the new landlord!"

Oh yes, the newspapers will be filled with experts telling you how that housing property is one of the worst investments you can make, etc., etc......... but somebody will be buying up all those properties and renting them out until the market improves. This is what the tycoons of the great depression did. This is what Donald did. This is probably what Oprah is doing since she has made it clear that one of her favorite hobbies is buying property. So why don't you get ready to do the same thing?

IMPORTANT UPDATE ( 26/03/2010):
As you know, everything I wrote above has come true.  There are now indicators that a second wave of opportunity will be coming.  The forclosure system is plugged up because of political interferance.  People who have been given extensions are now back in default status.  The politicians will not touch this sensetive area until after the elections....if then.  It is your opportunity to get some planning and pull together a trusted team of advisors.

And now for something even more frightening and of course an opportunity for people who will act:
Pensions are at risk.  People have been using their houses as live in pension plans.  Also they have been lulled into believing that "buy and forget it" mutual fund pension savings will provide future income.  Politicians are once again basing policy on backward looking data.  There is a way forward but that will have to wait for another blog post.  

Now back to our walk along the harbour:

My friends looked disgusted when I suggested this. It was Not Ethical to prey upon the misfortune of others!

I asked them to step back and look at the big picture.

Picture a family who is being squeezed out of their current situation. They gambled on good times being there forever. Now things are tight and they have to step back for a while. What if someone could take away their biggest debt burden and still give them a nice place to live?

When things got better, this family could get back in the housing market without all the problems associated with bankruptcy or the health problems that come with severe stress. Yes they might be a bit bruised from the experience, but they would be back on track. And the person who bought the house during the depressed market would be rewarded for keeping the property in good shape and showing a strong faith in the future of the nation.

Does that sound so bad? Well, that is for you, and my friends to think about and decide.

My friends then began asking....." What is the best way to take advantage of this situation? What do you need to know? Who can you trust? Where can you get the money if you are in the same boat as the people who are losing their homes?????" Question after Question poured out.

My answer is to go to people who specialize in this area, and in ordinary people.

One lady I've been watching for a while is Laura Langemeier. She has a unique system which should work in the upcoming economic environment. Of course she has had some spectacular successes in the past; but the strength of her system is it's adaptability to changing variables. She has a book out, as well as seminars. You might start your exploration with her.

Laura also emphasizes team work. And I agree. If I were to try to take advantage of a soft real estate market, I would team up with professionals.

One trick to finding more information is to look at the amazon page which features Laura's book and then see what other items people have bought.  There have been comments on "being suckered into buying her course".  Don't get suckered into anything.  Do your own research and then see what fits for YOU.

 But that is another post I guess. I've had a few emails telling me that I'm a bit long winded. Oh well......

'til next time


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Want a Job? Come to Beautiful British Columbia!

OK....I know this sounds like a previous post, but I just had to include this.

British Columbia ( Vancouver/Whistler ) is going to host the 2010 Winter Olympics. And the governments are dumping money into building roads and facilities. The problem is that British Columbia's Neighbor, Alberta, is going through an economic boom and is pulling in all the skilled labour.

I recently listened to a radio interview with an official with the Olympic construction committee. They not only have buildings to put up, but also all the infrastructure such as roads and transit lines.

He was asked just how bad the problem was and he said, "We are even stopping people on the highway and asking them if they want a job."

Now that was a shocker!!!

He went on to add that they were looking for tradespeople, laborers, and managers. Pretty well every position imaginable. So Western Canada is booming! And if you are in the mood for a party, there is no better place than Vancouver. They don't call this Beautiful BC for nothing. Check out the Provincial Website. And the Vancouver Tourism Website. And for a reality check, you might like to look at the House Prices

Happy Hunting!


Friday, August 18, 2006

Start an Internet Business ( in the Easiest, Most Ethical Way)

Perhaps this suggestion is a no-brainer for you; But if you are like most of us it is a frightening and confusing process.

I took a quick look at many of the resources out there for starting an online business, and boy, what a tank of sharks!! So I did more digging. I listened to quite a few teleseminars. I subscribed to a bunch of newsletters ( in a disposable email account). And I attended a few live conferences. The end result is that I narrowed my resource recommendation for starting an online business down to one company.

The Internet Marketing Center:

If you clicked on the banner I just posted you will have been introduced to the grand-daddy of all Internet training courses. It is the most comprehensive, and yet simple to follow training program out there. And it is updated every year to keep up with a quickly changing industry.

I just got so excited about this product that I forgot to take the "bold" off! Hmmmm....I'll just take that as a sign from the subconscious that this recommendation needed special emphasis.

I'll tell you why.

  • I bought this course. And I attended the "Bootcamp" that is touring several cities. And every contact I have had with this company has been excellent.
  • They have various courses and have mastered the way of making things easy to understand and implement.
  • They consistently give more value than what they promise.
  • They are fanatic testers, so that you can be assured that what they recommend will work.
  • They are ethical. They focus on practical organic processes. ( this is so important if you want to really thrive on the Internet)
  • They have a flagship product that beats anything out there:

  • They are not out there to "get rich quick" by fleecing you through high pressure sales. They know that if you get a quality product from them you will return to them when you need something else.

If I'm right
and we are heading into a recession ( economic slowdown, stagflation, depression, realignment of equity, business cycle bottom, etc etc)
you will need to call on a wider client base. If you have a retail business right now, you can expand into the global market. I took a look at my stats this morning and found out that my readership is in Canada, USA, Britain, France, Spain, & Turkey....hello to you all!) Now look out your shop and imagine yourself with a chain of stores all over the world.....that is the Internet.

If you are like most people I know ,you are a good ol' wage slave . Oh I know the feeling. Well, I turned on the news this morning and the big story was that Ford was laying off thousands of people as part of their " moving ahead" strategy. Oh yes, and guess what? Their stock went UP on the news! (Kinda tells you where the average worker fits into things eh?) News like this makes a person motivated to have some extra money coming in from other sources.

The Internet is a big place and there is room for just about everyone. You just have to figure out what to do. This is where the course from The Internet Marketing Center helps. I haven't regretted buying it. It opened my eyes to the possibilities out there. Hopefully it can help you. Oh yes, and if I'm correct, they are still offering a solid satisfaction guarantee.

Well, that's my 2 cents worth for now.

Please pardon some of the font and color bloopers. I'm still working the kinks out of the beta version's wysiwyg editor.

Bye for now,

Thursday, August 17, 2006

eBay Your Way Through the Upcoming Recession

eBay and Google are fast becoming my favorite online businesses. They have proven that they are nimble and responsive ( I have just switched over to Google's Blogger beta and have an account with gmail, spreadsheets online, calendar, etc etc). eBay has adjusted fees, weeded out the bad guys, produced reports and tools to help everyone, from the budding entrepreneur, to the garage sale neophyte. And I believe these are the kind of partners to have to easily ride out the upcoming recession.

Oh yes, a recession is not just coming, it is probably here. The big money guys are trying to find a nice name for it. So they have called it " a well executed soft landing in a predictable business cycle". But just like that guy doing the old shell game, the thing you have to do is forget what he is saying and keep your eyes on the pea.......and right now all the big money managers are putting their money into cash and consumer staple stocks ( things people HAVE to buy regardless of how bad things get). Well that's the bad news, and now for the good news.

When the money gets tight, people will be looking for the best place to get deals. People are still going to want to buy things.....they have been conditioned to be consumers. It is a bigger sport than anything out there! And eBay has proven itself to be the place to go for the best prices. eBay has done a lot to earn the trust of the consumer. Just check out some of their announcements. They work hard to stay on top of things. They appreciate everyone who comes in their virtual doors.

Let me give you an example. I am looking for a camcorder. I checked at a shop up the street, and the best price I could get for the specs I wanted was $699. I did a quick check on eBay and found one going for $134!

People are getting wise to this! And eBay is becoming the destination of choice. And the auction process puts some fun into the process. And the best part is that eBay is trying their hardest to make it easy to set up business.

Click on the Ebay Banner in the sidebar, and then check out the selling resources eBay has set up. And yes there are courses on "how to be a power seller", but first of all try cleaning out the attic or basement to learn how the machinery works. Yes there are ways to make it big, but first find out what areas ignite your latent passions.

For now, here is your action plan:
  • Click on the Ebay box at the side of the page.
  • Register yourself. It is free and safe ( no spam or annoying emails)!
  • Go to the "Learning Center" link on the main page ( it should be near the bottom of the main body)
  • Have fun going through the Quick Start tutorial and watch some of the videos ( I told you eBay was doing everything they could to help you be successful!)
  • Join some of the communities to get even more tips and help from successful sellers.

Have fun!


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Start a Small Business

I'll bet that as soon as you read the title to this, you were ready to skip reading further. And that a bunch of little voices started filling up your brain with messages such as :
  • I don't have the time or money to start a small business
  • How can I qualify for a Small Business Loan?
  • The Bank will want to see a Business Plan...I'm no good at those things.
  • I tried MLM and now my friends are afraid to talk to me!!!!
  • Why should I bother? Why not just get a Better Job?
  • etc. etc. etc.
Well here is some good news and some better news. First of all, every expert out there who is worth their grain of salt will tell you that you need to have a business. And the better news is that all those objections are perfectly normal. Most people feel the same way. It is just your mind trying to keep you safe. And now for the best can overcome those objections, you can have fun making extra money, and you can experience all the joy that comes from overcoming limitations and challenges. Just watch the finish of any sports event to get an idea of what that feels like!

I bet I just unleashed a whole other batch of objections from your mind:
  • What kind of business can I start?
  • I don't have enough money to pay the bills, how can I afford to start a small business?
  • I'm exhausted.
  • What does this guy know anyway.....?
Well, I know a couple of things, and I know of a man who has come as close to saving my life as anyone out there ( more about that later).
First, let me save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in self help programs and scams.

There are only a few universal truths. Most Gurus simply repackage them using different wording. They rely on "course junkies" for most of their income. These are people who keep buying course after course that tells them the same thing. The man who saved my life is different. I know this because I am an expert on sniffing out the scammers and I have had a rather unique experience with John Assaraf. This is the first time I have told this story.

This past winter was one of the lowest in the last decade of my illness. All of my existence was filled with Pain and Brain Fog. I felt completely useless and really wondered whether it was worth it to be taking up space and resources here on earth. And forget all those simple reflex responses you are thinking. I knew them. But when your every moment is agony they take on a whole different meaning.

I knew that I had run out of answers. I began looking to see if there was someone out there who could give me something I had not thought of. Most resources I knew of could only give either sentimental cliches, or formulaic answers. I floated my question into my subconscious and John's name came up. I had been getting his newsletters for some time, and recognized that both he, and his company were different from most out there. I decided to send him an email.

John Assaraf ( John's Website ) had never heard from me before this email. To him it was just another querry sent to his company inbox. And yet, he took time from his pre-Christmas activities to respond. And in one short email, he gave me clear insight into my life, my talents, and a path to pursue in order to regain some joy and a sense of achievement.

After reading that email, I was still in pain, but I had a plan.

SO! Back to those little objections bouncing around in your head. Let's summarize your situation:
  • Most all financial experts will tell you that the path to financial freedom begins with owning your own business.
  • The biggest battle you will have will be with the inner objections which have been conditioned into you.
  • You need a resource which will give you more than just a tired old formula that you can get from any library.
  • You need someone on your side who has been a success in the real world ( not someone who has made their millions telling people "how to")
  • You need ongoing support from a community who is committed to success rather than old neighbors and friends who are threatened by your success ( oh yes....that is a big one)

One of the things I do is hunt for the real experts out there.

Sure I sign up for newsletters and seminars from the fakes, scammers, and wannabees. I do this just to see what is going on. I've been watching John's company for a couple of years now, and have been consistently impressed. So I don't hesitate to recommend him to you to help you develop your business.

Here is His Website

If you are just starting out, don't be overwhelmed by advice that seems to be for bigger companies. Remember about universal truths. There will always be something there for you to use.

I hope this helps,


Monday, August 14, 2006

Earn Extra Money by Doing Just ONE Thing Differently

You can earn extra money from home in a way that is so easy you may not believe it at first. You can earn this extra money by just changing one little habit. Oh yes, and you can get all sorts of discounts on products. You can get just about everything you buy on sale. You can get checks sent to you on a regular basis. And if you want, you can even become wealthy. Just by doing one little thing differently...............Put your conversations in writing!

OK, now I know you probably think I'm nuts or that this is some scam. But remember, I said " Extra Money". Yes there are some who can and have done this and been able to quit their jobs. Some have made fortunes. This is where your ethics come into play. Now let me explain.

Businesses know that the best kind of advertising is through word of mouth. And now there is a way of doing that through the internet. Think of the millions of dollars spent on TV or Newspaper advertising. A lot of that money is just thrown away on speculative customer fishing. Oh sure, the advertising companies will show statistics about increases in sales after campaigns. But there is nothing as effective as the personal recommendation.

Now think about what you talk to your friends about. If you see that Macy's is having a fantastic sale I'll bet that you are on the phone telling your friends. Or if you have found a shop that has the exact things you always use, and their prices are always the best, I think you spread the news. After all, the more business that shop does, the better the deals get, because they can buy in bigger quantities, and get discounts from their suppliers. It is a win win situation!

Forget about getting another job. Forget about that latest Multi-level Marketing craze. Earn extra income just by emailing your friends about the exact same things you have just talked about on the phone. Oh yes, and when you buy through you recommendations, you get a rebate check for your a staff discount. So why work for Macy's when you can just ask your friends to buy through your recommendation, and also get discounts on all you buy there. That extra money is not coming to you through some scam. That extra cash is coming to you because you are a one person marketing company that is only paid when sales are generated.

This is all done through a special code that is attached to the recommendation you email to your friends. When they click on the link you send them and buy something, the computers record the fact that they were sent through you. And then the extra money is automatically mailed out. This is called Affiliate Marketing..................And here is where the Ethics come in.

Do you really believe in the products you are recommending to your friends? Are the companies you recommend going to give great service? Are they going to pay you for your efforts? Do you just want to make some extra money from home, or are you wanting to make huge amounts of money? Affiliate marketing can get a bit swampy with all the questions that come up. I realized this after telling a friend about the opportunities to make extra money through affiliate marketing while we were on a stroll the other day.

She started asking me all sorts of detailed questions. I then realized that I had once again taken my researching talents for granted. I thought I could simply point out the opportunity, and that the average person could easily research out the best programs and the best methods. But as I tried to answer her questions, I found that I kept using the phrases " Well, you have to research. You have to sniff around. You have to eavesdrop in bulletin boards and chat rooms and see who is real and who is a scam artist. You can tell by the semantics. You can tell, by the logic." etc etc.

That is when I realized that if I was going to recommend this opportunity to make extra money to my friends and family, I was going to have to start a blog devoted to the step-by-step method of building up an ethical affiliate marketing practice.

I called the blog "Affiliate Marketing Secrets". It will give lessons on how to develop this great way to bring in extra money....Or if you are inclined......great wealth. Here is the link:

Affiliate Lessons

'till next time,

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Need a Job?

Ok, I wasn't planning to start with this; but the story came up this week, and I decided to go with it and jump in the deep end.

Canada's Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Monte Solburg [ NB. Ministers change frequently here, so check the link for the current minister
(Bio of Minister) ], was interviewed about his department's plans to help relieve the labor shortage in Alberta. There were a few specific things mentioned, but the biggest emphasis was on how this government is willing to act quickly and in a practical manner to help workers come to Canada. (How to Apply) .

So you may be asking what the emergency is and who can take advantage of it. Here is where it gets interesting, and also challenges your views on ethical income. First off, it is "earnings season" on the stock markets. This is a time when companies post their profits and losses. And a lot of companies are embarrassingly full of cash. This puts pressure on the companies. They have to find way to hide that cash before the shareholders start getting ideas about extra dividends, etc. This is why you may be hearing about companies buying back their stock, or investing in plant infrastructure.

The Oil Companies are chock full of cash and are looking for ways to get it into play. Canada has huge oil and gas deposits, and Alberta has some of the biggest on earth. The trouble is that it is in the form of "oil sands" which require labor intensive processing. The Big Oil Companies are ready to pour money into these projects. They have bought, or leased the land. They have the cash. They have a government who is pro-industry. The only thing missing is the labor!

There is a huge labor shortage in Alberta. Time and time again I have heard oil companies announce that projects are on hold because they just cannot get the people. "How can this be", you ask? Well, you may not know this, but the entire population of Canada is roughly the same as the State of California! Canadians are sitting on a country which is one of the largest in the world, with only a few cities worth of people. So when huge developments are undertaken we are hard pressed to fill the need. And Alberta is one of the more sparsely populated of our provinces and territories. Also, the Oil Sands are in northern Alberta, which means that it is fairly remote and a bit chilly at times. The area is also going through the typical boom town troubles. But for the worker who is there to work hard and pack away the cash, there are plenty of opportunities.

Remember, there is a trickle down effect in the job shortage. It is not just the Oil Companies who are hiring, but every conceivable business that supports them and the steady flow of people. Restaurants are giving loyalty bonuses to workers who stay for certain periods of time. Builders are recruiting in Mexico and other countries for skilled labor. If you want to work, there is a job there for you.

Now for the Ethical snag. Is it Ethical to work for a company in the Fossil Fuel industry? Is is ethical to work for companies who are supporting that industry? With all the talk about global warming, and the severe weather conditions we have been experiencing, and the sheer ugliness of the excavations; is this something you can do and feel proud? I believe you can, but you have to make up your own mind.

Here are some of my reasons:
  • Our modern society runs on fossil fuels. We focus on gas for our cars because that is the most obvious thing, but if you look closer you will be hard pressed to find ANYTHING in your life that is not attached to fossil fuels. Take a close look around you. Is there one item which does not have some component made up of an oil byproduct eg. plastic, or any item which did not get to you through a transportation system running on fossil fuels? Right now, we need oil, and we need a steady reliable supply. Helping to sustain a Canadian supply is the right thing to do.
  • People who work hard are some of the best people I have ever met! I have had the priviledge to work with some of the strongest, hardest working men and women you will ever meet. I've also had the opportunity to work with quite a few slackers and intellectuals. I think you know who the happiest, most satisfied people were. Pride in the job and an insistence on perfection were drilled into me by these people. I learned a lot from them. These were people you could trust. And I think that is the gold standard for Ethics.
Well there you go. I rambled on as usual. I'll try to convert this to audio in a bit, so you don't have to suffer through reading it all.

'til next time

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Story Behind This Blog's Creation

I have a secret. I am disabled. I have a weird condition which keeps me unable to function for most of the time. The symptoms shift around with a mind of their own. The pain is always there in some form. Some days my brain takes a holiday. Some days different parts of me simple decide not to do what my brain tells them. I never know which part is going to be the brat. It gets embarrassing at social functions when my tongue takes a walk. And not very pretty when my legs decide to take five half way down a mountain.

"Half way down a mountain"? Oh yes, I still keep trying to do stuff. Each day I wake up surprised that I'm still sick! And that is one reason why my disability is a secret. Oh people know there is something "not quite right" with me. And that I disappear regularly. But only my spouse knows the frustrating limitations I have.

So what does this have to do with Ethical Income Opportunities? Well, since a whack of stuff has been taken from my life, and the universe must balance itself, I seem to have been given a few gifts. The brain which shuts down after the first line on a cookie recipe can spot economic trends and opportunities years ahead. My lateral thinking has gone from vague musing to a fireworks of neuronal firings. I'm so tired of reminding people of how I've predicted things, that I've basically shut up about it ( except after a few glasses of wine....).

And now for the Irony and Opportunity. Even though I can spot these things I can't take advantage of them. Even now, this post has me just about blind with pain. The keyboard is soaked with sweat. It has taken me 45 minutes to get this far. So why do I do it? Because I love to think and research and want to share what I know with some people. That is your opportunity. Take what I have thought about and researched, and use it.

I have another blog called Practical Answers Link to Practical Answers . In my last post I shared about my Father-in-law's fight with cancer. In that post I wrote " It's not how much time we have in this life; but rather how much enjoyment we can squeeze out of it." That got me thinking and this blog is the result. I enjoy thinking and trend spotting and sharing what I know. I can't get out that often, and never know when I'll be laid up. So this is the best place to enjoy myself.

In my next post I'll explain why I decided on the title. ( and perhaps a few practical tidbits) IF you know how to add this to your RSS feed then feel free to do so. I'm still setting things up so I haven't got all the little buttons in place.

'till then,