Saturday, December 13, 2008

Get Needed Cash and Still Feel Proud

Take a lesson from some of the most successful people and companies.

Right now they are selling things that would ordinarily make them cry! Prime quality stocks and resources are being liquidated, simply because these are the things which can be sold right now. After all, who is going to buy some dud of a stock? And yet, when I hear these people interviewed, I don't sense any despair or see and hand wringing. All those negative things are being done by the analysts, not the people in the thick of trying to save their companies and the livelihood of their workers.

The reason for this ( if you listen carefully) is because these leaders have a long term plan. They are already looking ahead and can see their companies being successful. This is not some New Age "Secret" fueled fantasy. And these people are not heartless B......s . These are leaders who have taken their ego out of the picture and are making necessary actions to achieve a vision.

NOTE: I'm not talking about some of the people you see on the evening news. These are business leaders who are quietly making sure that North America will be back on track as soon as possible.

So what does this mean to you? Are you facing a layoff? Are you wondering just how you can survive the next few months? How to get cash fast and pay the bills? Then I suggest you do the same thing these people are doing.

Take your ego out of the picture. Be realistic in your appraisal of your situation. Don't be in denial regarding the possible future; BUT don't get caught up in the hysteria either.

Make a list of your assets and liabilities. Figure out what you can turn into cash. Check out what can be sold on ebay or kiiji or craigslist or even at the local second hand store. This can be actual physical items or intangible things like your spare time.

Your assets can also include things like health and energy. Make sure to guard your health. Take a step back and give everything in your personal world a good long second look. ( Actually Christmas time is a great time to do this. Watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and really really think things through.)

Now think ahead. My personal goal is 2013. I have a hunch that the long flat bottom will start moving up a bit around then. There will be a need for human resources. What do you have that could be in demand then? How can you further develop your strengths? What contacts will you have to have made? How will potential customers or employers find you?

Build a personal business plan with 2013 ( or whatever your personal research indicates) in mind. Now the hard cuts you make now will diminish. Sacrifices will become investments in future success. Every action you now take will become positive.

Is this all just some way of sugar coating hard times? Yes, maybe a bit. But it is also the way that smart business leaders are acting. These people are going to be successful in the new upswing. They will have the advantage. Everyone will talk about how they were " lucky" to be at the right place at the right time. Nonsense!!!! I see them getting ready right now.

Find a way to incorporate these same actions in your life.

Friday, October 03, 2008

All Markets are Showing a Strategic Pullback

This is just a quick post on the current market moves. Financial markets have been the focus of the media, but once you strip them away, there are some concerning moves in industrial and commodity markets.

It is no bit secret that big money moved into the commodity markets a few years ago as an alternative to the US dollar. They also parked some of that in other currencies. But now there are signs that big money is again on the move.

I'm going to have to take a closer look at this once I clear my plate of some other projects. ( And unfortunately, recover from another massive relapse. )

So just take this as a Heads Up signal. Start sniffing around. And get REAL worried if all you hear from "experts" is that everything is OK.

Hope to post more soon,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How to Profit from the Current Economic Crisis

This is a great solution because it incorporates all the ethical aspects of life. Not only can you profit from this recession ( or" economic crisis" ) ; It can also be the thing that transforms your life. You can come out of this with your head held high and be respected in your community. But you have to do a few simple things right now. And when I say "now" I mean RIGHT NOW. There are forces at work and there will be demand for a certain set of people, no matter where you are. In fact, the worse the situation of your area, the more valuable you will be.

Believe me on this. I predicted the current situation two years ago, right on this blog. I'm now predicting the way out for certain individuals who are ready to take action. And no, I don't want your money...I know you are fighting to survive. I want you to invest using the one commodity that is more valuable than money...time.

Let me quickly set up the scenario for you. I have been spending a lot of time gathering information from a wide spectrum of disciplines and from all over the world. I'll try to condense it down into a few sentences and then give you specific recommendations.

Economics and physics are eerily similar. Expansion leads to contraction. Entropy ( the law of decay) gives birth to rejuvenation. A vacuum attracts mass. Mass can never be destroyed, only moved.

So what does all this mean to you right now? Well, you hear stories about all the money being lost and the huge debts of corporations, individuals, and even nations. This money hasn't disappeared. To use our physics analogy, let's say that it has evaporated. It only seemed to disappear. It just transformed and moved somewhere else. Someone has this missing money! But they will not be able to hang on to it. The laws of economics/physics are at work. And because of our technology, they are working faster than ever before in history.

Now look at your situation. Do you see any money/wealth around you? No? Good. The less you see the better. Again, using the physics analogy, this means you are in an economic vacuum. When the money starts moving it will be drawn to areas with the highest economic vacuum.

NOTE: I'm going to say something very controversial right now, and prepare to be offended. But think about this. These areas will not necessarily be the traditionally impoverished areas. If the majority of the population has adapted to living on a welfare income, then there is no vacuum. The need has been met!

Investment money will be seeking areas which are in pain. It will be looking for people who acutely feel the lack. There is a good reason for this. These will be people who are ready to take action and keep that money moving. Money loves to be in continuous motion. This is one of the big signposts for economic health. Money also loves to be transformed and shaped in new and fascinating ways. It will be looking for places and people who are primed to make this happen.

NOW here is where it applies to you. I mean you the reader, right now.

Remember our physics analogy? Remember all that evaporated water? Evaporate seeks out a dust particle to cling to. This is the genesis of a raindrop, which will eventually nourish the very earth it came from. OK enough physics...let's deal with the how this affects you.

Let's look at the foreign investor who has accumulated a huge amount of money. He wants to keep it growing, and knows that the only way is to put it back into the marketplace. (The time for building up reserves and hoarding is almost over. ) This is a great time for the cash rich. The western world is on sale.

But there is a problem. Where specifically to put the money? Remember the big Asian Tiger boom a while back? People knew there was opportunity in Asia and blindly tossed fortunes into that marketplace. And most people, and corporations, lost most of what they invested. The current wealth holders know this. They will be looking for practical, solid investments.

So what does this have to do with you? You are struggling to make your house payments, or perhaps have been forced to walk away and cram your family in some dinky rental. The paycheck is stretched. You keep listening to rumours to see if your job or even your company is safe. Your kids are demanding all the activities and toys and clothes that they have been used to. Your pride is taking a beating. You feel vulnerable.

What can you do to protect your future?

Answer: Become a desired commodity. Become that speck of dust. Become an accredited knowledge source.

Why? Because the people coming into your community to invest will be looking for practical knowledge. They will want to connect with someone who knows the history, the people, the politics, and all the little hidden things that some outside researcher can't glean from the Internet. This works for investments large and small.

Think about it. Every community has some spot that is cursed. You've probably seen them. Business after business goes in and goes bankrupt. A lot of times, it is not because of the location, but rather because of the history. The local people have just been conditioned to avoid anything that sets up shop there.

I'll give you a personal example. I lived in a city that was listed as having the highest amount of money on deposit per capita. We would watch businesses come to town with the latest and trendiest restaurants. They soon closed their doors. The busiest restaurant was a family run operation that sold cheap traditional meals and gave about two pounds of hash browns on every plate. The town was mostly made up of retired farmers who watched every penny and loved to go home with a full stomach and a doggy bag. A lot of investment money was lost because the trendy businesses used outside statistical analysts and the advice of sale hungry Realtors.

Here is my advice for your action plan:
  • Get involved in your community. Attend council meetings. Write opinion letters in your local papers. Go to planning board hearings. Walk along your local streets and get to know owners and customers. Hang out in public places and listen to conversations ( listening is the key). Attend, and take your kids, to every fair or celebration or whatever that is going on.
  • Start building a list of resources that your community has. Get a clear picture of the advantages in every area. Be able to describe the personality of your community. Start a Rolodex. Make it a hobby to collect names and cards. See the potential that is around you.
  • Get active on the Internet. Post your opinion on blogs and forums. Use your real name! Start a website ( I show you how to do this for the price of a movie on my other blog ). Learn how to use a few tools which will make you an expert on your local area. Build a website about your community, and one as a professional site, and then attach a blog to them.
  • Volunteer to stand on community feedback committees.
Now this may sound like I'm setting you up for politics, but I'm not. I'm telling you how to build a reputation as a trusted information source for an appealing investment area. Reputation is going to be the new commodity. We are passing from the information age into the age of trustworthiness. It is not just what you know, or who you know, but who you can trust. Guard your reputation. Build it by helping and participating and carefully advising and recommending. Soon you will be the "Go To" person.

The End Result:
  • You will have a lot more friends.
  • Your life will be full and interesting.
  • You will be a sounding board for your community.
  • You will be an acknowledged expert and resource.
  • You will attract the attention of anyone interested in your community.
You can now set yourself up in a variety of roles. You can be a consultant. You can be a skills broker. You can use you present skills and contract out using referrals given by all these new contacts. Etc etc. You now have a panorama of opportunities. And the best part is that you can stay in your community and have it feel more like home that it ever has.

This has been a long post. I'll end it here. Don't dismiss what I have written. As I said, this is a condensed version of a huge mass of information and investigative intelligence. I've tried to put it into practical actionable terms. That is my mission.

I would also appreciate it if you sent a link to this article to your friends across the country. There is so much doom and gloom in the press. They are ignoring the great potential these times are bringing.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Model Guru and How You Can Profit From Him

I spent the last two posts warning you about Guru's and Sharks. Now I'm going to recommend someone and something to you. And no, the last two posts were not setups. It is just that this is a weird and wild time on the Internet right now.

The guy I'm going to recommend to you is Rich Schefren. Rich is very selective in his clients. He coaches some of the biggest names in the business. He is responsible for success after success. He has trained under renown experts. His continuous education and research would overwhelm most people. He is also ethical and is willing to pass up opportunities if he has a slight twinge of conscience about them.

He is dedicated to the success of his students. How dedicated? He just finished a 26 hour marathon video conference to help people who downloaded his latest free report.

Yes that's right. Rich Sheferin gave up 26 hours straight so people who couldn't afford his services could succeed in life and business. And his report is no bit of fluff. It is like a scalpel. It is truly the missing link to success. I've read the report and attended the video conference. Both were amazing. My life has already changed. It is like getting an antibiotic during a critical illness. You can see the effects hour after hour.

I won't make this post long. I will give you the link to download the report. ( Hopefully it will still be active if you read this at some later date )

Here is the link to Rich Sheferin's constraint busting report.
(Note: The report has several names so watch where it goes on your computer and what it is called. )

Gotta get some rest now. I'm exhausted just listening to him. I can imagine how Rich is going to feel for the next few days.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Please Do Not Commit these Marketing Sins, either as a Buyer or Promoter

I was ranting and warning you about some devious techniques I was seeing on the Internet, just a few posts back. There were a bunch of marketing campaigns that were being developed that made me sick and angry.

And coincidentally another person was feeling the same way. The difference between us is that I'm an insatiable researcher and writer, while she is a powerful behind the scenes player in the Internet marketing world. My little rant was probably not even noticed by the big names out there. Her rant has got things rocking on the Internet. And she is not finished!!!

At this point in time she has completed two installments in her manifesto ( if you read this at a later date, you will probably be able to get all three). I just finished reading the second installment last night and decided that I had to get this information out to you now.

Here is a link to the free PDF files which expose the faults in the current world of Internet marketing. Read them to avoid being duped and cheated and manipulated. Read them so that you can buy with confidence, when you do buy something. And most importantly, read them so that you don't get conned into doing business online in a way that will ruin your reputation.

Here is the link to the Internet sins manifesto:

Internet Marketing Sins
( click on the graphic of Sylvie's book)

I hope this helps you as much as it helped me,


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't Sign up for ANYTHING until you read this.

Oh I had really hoped that I didn't have to write this. I Really really wanted to believe that some of these guys were good and helpful and ready to give back. Guess I was wrong.

What is it about sharks? Marketing sharks smell people in distress and pounce. They are willing to eat every bit of you and your dreams. Good Grief!

What is your pain? What is the most constant worry that wakes you in the night? The sharks have sniffed that out.

OK. My advice. Don't click. Read everything a hundred times over. Look at just who is recommending the product. A lot of them are even bigger sharks! Or a bunch of bait nibblers who are in the pack.

I just got sick looking at one big promotion going on. I'm still not sure what to do about it. This guy has some hot and cold moments. This one is just plain disgusting.

So, are there ways of making good sustainable incomes on the internet? Yes!!!! But this is not the way. There are secret ways which ethical mentors teach. I know them and will be teaching them to willing students on my list. FOR FREE!!!!!


Because these techniques are solid, and old, and respectable, and as reliable as the mountains. BUT they take 20 minutes a day. Yes. Everyone else promises INSTANT, but really, you know better don't you? This takes 20 minutes. Every day.

Got a minute...or 20?

NO? well then sign up with the sicko. And good luck.

Oh yes. I almost forgot. Here is where I'm teaching this....


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Expose: The Most Trusted Person to help you Make Money Online

I may name names in this expose, but I don't care. I've had enough..or perhaps seen the light...or whatever. The most trusted person to act as a mentor, and help you make money online depends on you! Yes I'm sorry to say, it all falls back on you.

Warning: Do not fall for any " click a button and make millions" sales pitch. Do not fall for any instant Internet businesses, or instant millions, or instant profits.

I'll tell you a secret. On the Internet, there is no instant. There is FASTER. But no instant.

There are great people who are willing to share their knowledge to help you make money online at a fast and amazing rate. And there are people on the Internet who can take existing businesses and transform them from struggling mom & pop stores into amazing success stories. ( Hint you can find these people on previous articles here Check out John Assaraf and One Coach here, I owe him my life)

But But But!!!!!!!!! ( feel a rant coming on here?...feel the ultimate truth about to come out?)


I have written this now, because I am sensing another season of offers about to hit the Internet

I feel obligated to post a reminder of the top Internet marketing scams for you to watch out for:

  • There is no instant profit ( had to put that one first) The only instant part is after you have done a bunch of work they forget to talk about in their sales pages.
  • There is no push button profit. Sorry, read the fine print above.
  • Amazing success stories are old news. The web is changing all the time. The rule of thumb in Internet marketing to Internet marketers is to " milk the cow 'till she is dry, then sell her" Really, if you found a secret way to make millions overnight would you go out in the street and hand out your formula? NO
  • There are waves and tides on the Internet. Most emails you get will be promoting the waves. Wouldn't you rather be a tide? IT takes no brains and five minutes to figure out what is hot on the Internet. Just fill your iGoogle or yahoo homepage with tech feeds. You just know more than whoever is selling you that newest special report. Want enduring profits? Look for the boring stuff off the headlines.
Why am I writing this? Because of a few emails I just received and a confession I heard a while back. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE HIGHEST PROFIT MARKET IN THE INTERNET IS?


That's right. The highest paid area in the Internet is in selling the dream of Internet riches.
So now you know why I'm wary. Now you know why I sniff out every person offering me advice...for a price. I want to be able to get and give solid information which will help anyone from any situation earn money online. I don't want to be a victim of a scam, recommending outdated over hyped information.

Remember those stupid late night infomercials with the guy on his boat with all those models?
Did you fall for that? many did The dream of instant riches is appealing. He is a wreck now. And anyone who bought his stuff got worthless outdated garbage.

Oh , is someone out there waving his hand in protest? OK, yes I'll admit, even garbage has value. I read a lot of garbage Internet marketing promotions. I sift through them with my BS filter and can actually glean out a few valuable items. But really, what a stinking way to go about things.

OK Rant over. Bottom line? Forget instant. Find the tide.

How? Look for the serious money. Who is worth billions? They are the tide. You can ride with them and make steady, easy money on the Internet.

Yes you can try to catch a wave on the Internet and surf to glory. Just remember that the guy on the biggest wave is the guy who sold you the location. Also, be prepared to hold your nose, because he also probably pointed you to the local sewer outlet!

The Internet is a big place and there is room for every type. I guess I'm telling you what type I'm comfortable with and what types make me very very nervous.

I slowly build a list of respected people and products, and constantly review them ( people change). Others just want the hottest and fastest Internet product. Hit and Run!

It is all in what makes us hold our heads up high.
For me I guess it is Gary Cooper and Clint Eastwood.

It is your choice. You will get the emails and promises. Your first duty is to look within.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Find a Good Mentor for Internet Success

This post is one of the most important things I have written.

If you have read the post about my secret, you will know that time and energy are precious to me. I'm assuming that they are important to you as well. If you want to leap ahead of others, and make HONEST money on the Internet, you have to have a mentor. You need a mentor with deep roots. You need a mentor who is not trying to make his/her fortune by selling you a bunch of second hand, or dishonest goods.

You have heard ( and probably experienced) that the Internet is a jungle. And yes it is a gold mine...for some. I get hundreds of emails from people promoting the latest greatest wealth building program. Most are junk. The ones which work will soon be overdone or banned and become worthless.

I'll tell you a secret. I once heard a famous Internet superstar admit to a truth I had long suspected. I heard him on a live interview, and I'm sure this was cut from any subsequent recordings. He said that most of the Internet marketing products/techniques being sold were worthless, because they had already been bled dry. It makes sense. Why tell others about a great technique until you have exhausted it. Then package it and sell it with a bunch of hype and a funnel of sellers with big lists and desperate customers.




So who are they?

  • They are people who have made their fortunes and want to give back.
  • The right mentor for you is someone who specializes in a field you love.
  • The right Internet mentor is someone who is now on the path of giving back.
And to be honest, I have only met a few of these people. You may have seen me write about some of them in this blog or others. These are also people who act as hubs. They gather like minded ethical ( and successful) people around them. OK, so you want me to name names?

I'll start off with Joel Comm. He is great for people who are just starting out on the internet and want to quickly make a good steady income.

His focus is on how a person can make a great living by cooperating with Google. There are no "black hat" techniques to be found in Joel's arsenal of skills. This is an ethical income technique which will produce steady increasing income. If you are looking for a million dollars in 24 hrs, then you had better pass on this mentor. But I have seen his checks and the checks of his friends, and I must say that I would be very comfortable with that kind of income. I caught a glimpse of his friend's pay pal statement and it was over $40,000 for the month. Nothing sexy. Just plodding along, building quality. I think I could find a way to live with that kind of income.

So how does Joel Comm and his friends do it? In an ethical, no shortcut, white hat, manner.

And why would Joel want to be your mentor? Because this has been his personality from the very beginning. Because he is making plenty of steady income and is now looking at fulfilling other aspects of his life. And, best of all for you, his techniques have virtually no competition.

That's right. Joel's old fashioned boring cash machine techniques are something he can teach you, and never worry about you stealing his business. And here is the best can start doing these things with virtually no money. ( OH dear, I'm starting to sound like an infomercial!!!!!)

I had better give you the downside of Joel's mentoring.
You have to do something. Not much, but yes, you have to put his instruction into action. This is no turnkey, make millions by buying this software and hoodoo up the wazzoo till you're disgustingly wealthy. This is a nice and easy, be ethical, one step at a time, enduring path. So if this does not fit your temperament, then working under Joel Comm is not for you.

If you want a squeaky clean honest way to earn money on the Internet and to have steadily increasing amounts of money coming in, then Joel Comm would be one of the best mentors I could recommend to you.

I gave you a link where you can find out more about him and what he has to offer to those he is helping.

Why? Because before only the professionals were taking advantage of what he was teaching. These people think nothing of paying THOUSANDS of dollars for this kind of information. They know they will make it back in no time. But Joel wants to open this income opportunity everyone, especially during these tough times.

OK I'm babbling on when I should be giving you a way to contact him. Here is a link to see all that Joel and his team of social media web 2.0 experts have to offer:

Joel Comm's Top One Report
Serious Internet Business Strategies

And now for a very important note.

Some time ago, I gave a few friends this same information. They were insulted. They heard that you can make millions overnight on the Internet with no work. Yes I suppose you can. But I doubt you can do it in an ethical manner. Another mentor of mine has a saying....everything is available to you, if you are willing to pay the price.

Are you willing to put the time and effort into building an ethical, strong standing Internet business? OR do you just want the Joel Comm, is not flash...but he IS rich. Time for some old fashioned ethics to win at last. OK, that's my editorial. I'll introduce you to some other interesting mentors in subsequent posts.

Go get Joel's advice and his team's cutting edge techniques now!
Joel Comm's Top One Report
Serious Internet Business Strategies

NB: This is being offered to get you to take a look at Joel's Top One Network. You are not locked into anything, but I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you thought I was trying to trick you into something.

Have fun out there!