Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Please Do Not Commit these Marketing Sins, either as a Buyer or Promoter

I was ranting and warning you about some devious techniques I was seeing on the Internet, just a few posts back. There were a bunch of marketing campaigns that were being developed that made me sick and angry.

And coincidentally another person was feeling the same way. The difference between us is that I'm an insatiable researcher and writer, while she is a powerful behind the scenes player in the Internet marketing world. My little rant was probably not even noticed by the big names out there. Her rant has got things rocking on the Internet. And she is not finished!!!

At this point in time she has completed two installments in her manifesto ( if you read this at a later date, you will probably be able to get all three). I just finished reading the second installment last night and decided that I had to get this information out to you now.

Here is a link to the free PDF files which expose the faults in the current world of Internet marketing. Read them to avoid being duped and cheated and manipulated. Read them so that you can buy with confidence, when you do buy something. And most importantly, read them so that you don't get conned into doing business online in a way that will ruin your reputation.

Here is the link to the Internet sins manifesto:

Internet Marketing Sins
( click on the graphic of Sylvie's book)

I hope this helps you as much as it helped me,


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