Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Model Guru and How You Can Profit From Him

I spent the last two posts warning you about Guru's and Sharks. Now I'm going to recommend someone and something to you. And no, the last two posts were not setups. It is just that this is a weird and wild time on the Internet right now.

The guy I'm going to recommend to you is Rich Schefren. Rich is very selective in his clients. He coaches some of the biggest names in the business. He is responsible for success after success. He has trained under renown experts. His continuous education and research would overwhelm most people. He is also ethical and is willing to pass up opportunities if he has a slight twinge of conscience about them.

He is dedicated to the success of his students. How dedicated? He just finished a 26 hour marathon video conference to help people who downloaded his latest free report.

Yes that's right. Rich Sheferin gave up 26 hours straight so people who couldn't afford his services could succeed in life and business. And his report is no bit of fluff. It is like a scalpel. It is truly the missing link to success. I've read the report and attended the video conference. Both were amazing. My life has already changed. It is like getting an antibiotic during a critical illness. You can see the effects hour after hour.

I won't make this post long. I will give you the link to download the report. ( Hopefully it will still be active if you read this at some later date )

Here is the link to Rich Sheferin's constraint busting report.
(Note: The report has several names so watch where it goes on your computer and what it is called. )

Gotta get some rest now. I'm exhausted just listening to him. I can imagine how Rich is going to feel for the next few days.


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