Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't Sign up for ANYTHING until you read this.

Oh I had really hoped that I didn't have to write this. I Really really wanted to believe that some of these guys were good and helpful and ready to give back. Guess I was wrong.

What is it about sharks? Marketing sharks smell people in distress and pounce. They are willing to eat every bit of you and your dreams. Good Grief!

What is your pain? What is the most constant worry that wakes you in the night? The sharks have sniffed that out.

OK. My advice. Don't click. Read everything a hundred times over. Look at just who is recommending the product. A lot of them are even bigger sharks! Or a bunch of bait nibblers who are in the pack.

I just got sick looking at one big promotion going on. I'm still not sure what to do about it. This guy has some hot and cold moments. This one is just plain disgusting.

So, are there ways of making good sustainable incomes on the internet? Yes!!!! But this is not the way. There are secret ways which ethical mentors teach. I know them and will be teaching them to willing students on my list. FOR FREE!!!!!


Because these techniques are solid, and old, and respectable, and as reliable as the mountains. BUT they take 20 minutes a day. Yes. Everyone else promises INSTANT, but really, you know better don't you? This takes 20 minutes. Every day.

Got a minute...or 20?

NO? well then sign up with the sicko. And good luck.

Oh yes. I almost forgot. Here is where I'm teaching this....


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