Saturday, July 26, 2008

Expose: The Most Trusted Person to help you Make Money Online

I may name names in this expose, but I don't care. I've had enough..or perhaps seen the light...or whatever. The most trusted person to act as a mentor, and help you make money online depends on you! Yes I'm sorry to say, it all falls back on you.

Warning: Do not fall for any " click a button and make millions" sales pitch. Do not fall for any instant Internet businesses, or instant millions, or instant profits.

I'll tell you a secret. On the Internet, there is no instant. There is FASTER. But no instant.

There are great people who are willing to share their knowledge to help you make money online at a fast and amazing rate. And there are people on the Internet who can take existing businesses and transform them from struggling mom & pop stores into amazing success stories. ( Hint you can find these people on previous articles here Check out John Assaraf and One Coach here, I owe him my life)

But But But!!!!!!!!! ( feel a rant coming on here?...feel the ultimate truth about to come out?)


I have written this now, because I am sensing another season of offers about to hit the Internet

I feel obligated to post a reminder of the top Internet marketing scams for you to watch out for:

  • There is no instant profit ( had to put that one first) The only instant part is after you have done a bunch of work they forget to talk about in their sales pages.
  • There is no push button profit. Sorry, read the fine print above.
  • Amazing success stories are old news. The web is changing all the time. The rule of thumb in Internet marketing to Internet marketers is to " milk the cow 'till she is dry, then sell her" Really, if you found a secret way to make millions overnight would you go out in the street and hand out your formula? NO
  • There are waves and tides on the Internet. Most emails you get will be promoting the waves. Wouldn't you rather be a tide? IT takes no brains and five minutes to figure out what is hot on the Internet. Just fill your iGoogle or yahoo homepage with tech feeds. You just know more than whoever is selling you that newest special report. Want enduring profits? Look for the boring stuff off the headlines.
Why am I writing this? Because of a few emails I just received and a confession I heard a while back. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE HIGHEST PROFIT MARKET IN THE INTERNET IS?


That's right. The highest paid area in the Internet is in selling the dream of Internet riches.
So now you know why I'm wary. Now you know why I sniff out every person offering me advice...for a price. I want to be able to get and give solid information which will help anyone from any situation earn money online. I don't want to be a victim of a scam, recommending outdated over hyped information.

Remember those stupid late night infomercials with the guy on his boat with all those models?
Did you fall for that? many did The dream of instant riches is appealing. He is a wreck now. And anyone who bought his stuff got worthless outdated garbage.

Oh , is someone out there waving his hand in protest? OK, yes I'll admit, even garbage has value. I read a lot of garbage Internet marketing promotions. I sift through them with my BS filter and can actually glean out a few valuable items. But really, what a stinking way to go about things.

OK Rant over. Bottom line? Forget instant. Find the tide.

How? Look for the serious money. Who is worth billions? They are the tide. You can ride with them and make steady, easy money on the Internet.

Yes you can try to catch a wave on the Internet and surf to glory. Just remember that the guy on the biggest wave is the guy who sold you the location. Also, be prepared to hold your nose, because he also probably pointed you to the local sewer outlet!

The Internet is a big place and there is room for every type. I guess I'm telling you what type I'm comfortable with and what types make me very very nervous.

I slowly build a list of respected people and products, and constantly review them ( people change). Others just want the hottest and fastest Internet product. Hit and Run!

It is all in what makes us hold our heads up high.
For me I guess it is Gary Cooper and Clint Eastwood.

It is your choice. You will get the emails and promises. Your first duty is to look within.


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