Thursday, April 17, 2008

Find a Good Mentor for Internet Success

This post is one of the most important things I have written.

If you have read the post about my secret, you will know that time and energy are precious to me. I'm assuming that they are important to you as well. If you want to leap ahead of others, and make HONEST money on the Internet, you have to have a mentor. You need a mentor with deep roots. You need a mentor who is not trying to make his/her fortune by selling you a bunch of second hand, or dishonest goods.

You have heard ( and probably experienced) that the Internet is a jungle. And yes it is a gold mine...for some. I get hundreds of emails from people promoting the latest greatest wealth building program. Most are junk. The ones which work will soon be overdone or banned and become worthless.

I'll tell you a secret. I once heard a famous Internet superstar admit to a truth I had long suspected. I heard him on a live interview, and I'm sure this was cut from any subsequent recordings. He said that most of the Internet marketing products/techniques being sold were worthless, because they had already been bled dry. It makes sense. Why tell others about a great technique until you have exhausted it. Then package it and sell it with a bunch of hype and a funnel of sellers with big lists and desperate customers.




So who are they?

  • They are people who have made their fortunes and want to give back.
  • The right mentor for you is someone who specializes in a field you love.
  • The right Internet mentor is someone who is now on the path of giving back.
And to be honest, I have only met a few of these people. You may have seen me write about some of them in this blog or others. These are also people who act as hubs. They gather like minded ethical ( and successful) people around them. OK, so you want me to name names?

I'll start off with Joel Comm. He is great for people who are just starting out on the internet and want to quickly make a good steady income.

His focus is on how a person can make a great living by cooperating with Google. There are no "black hat" techniques to be found in Joel's arsenal of skills. This is an ethical income technique which will produce steady increasing income. If you are looking for a million dollars in 24 hrs, then you had better pass on this mentor. But I have seen his checks and the checks of his friends, and I must say that I would be very comfortable with that kind of income. I caught a glimpse of his friend's pay pal statement and it was over $40,000 for the month. Nothing sexy. Just plodding along, building quality. I think I could find a way to live with that kind of income.

So how does Joel Comm and his friends do it? In an ethical, no shortcut, white hat, manner.

And why would Joel want to be your mentor? Because this has been his personality from the very beginning. Because he is making plenty of steady income and is now looking at fulfilling other aspects of his life. And, best of all for you, his techniques have virtually no competition.

That's right. Joel's old fashioned boring cash machine techniques are something he can teach you, and never worry about you stealing his business. And here is the best can start doing these things with virtually no money. ( OH dear, I'm starting to sound like an infomercial!!!!!)

I had better give you the downside of Joel's mentoring.
You have to do something. Not much, but yes, you have to put his instruction into action. This is no turnkey, make millions by buying this software and hoodoo up the wazzoo till you're disgustingly wealthy. This is a nice and easy, be ethical, one step at a time, enduring path. So if this does not fit your temperament, then working under Joel Comm is not for you.

If you want a squeaky clean honest way to earn money on the Internet and to have steadily increasing amounts of money coming in, then Joel Comm would be one of the best mentors I could recommend to you.

I gave you a link where you can find out more about him and what he has to offer to those he is helping.

Why? Because before only the professionals were taking advantage of what he was teaching. These people think nothing of paying THOUSANDS of dollars for this kind of information. They know they will make it back in no time. But Joel wants to open this income opportunity everyone, especially during these tough times.

OK I'm babbling on when I should be giving you a way to contact him. Here is a link to see all that Joel and his team of social media web 2.0 experts have to offer:

Joel Comm's Top One Report
Serious Internet Business Strategies

And now for a very important note.

Some time ago, I gave a few friends this same information. They were insulted. They heard that you can make millions overnight on the Internet with no work. Yes I suppose you can. But I doubt you can do it in an ethical manner. Another mentor of mine has a saying....everything is available to you, if you are willing to pay the price.

Are you willing to put the time and effort into building an ethical, strong standing Internet business? OR do you just want the Joel Comm, is not flash...but he IS rich. Time for some old fashioned ethics to win at last. OK, that's my editorial. I'll introduce you to some other interesting mentors in subsequent posts.

Go get Joel's advice and his team's cutting edge techniques now!
Joel Comm's Top One Report
Serious Internet Business Strategies

NB: This is being offered to get you to take a look at Joel's Top One Network. You are not locked into anything, but I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you thought I was trying to trick you into something.

Have fun out there!

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