Saturday, December 13, 2008

Get Needed Cash and Still Feel Proud

Take a lesson from some of the most successful people and companies.

Right now they are selling things that would ordinarily make them cry! Prime quality stocks and resources are being liquidated, simply because these are the things which can be sold right now. After all, who is going to buy some dud of a stock? And yet, when I hear these people interviewed, I don't sense any despair or see and hand wringing. All those negative things are being done by the analysts, not the people in the thick of trying to save their companies and the livelihood of their workers.

The reason for this ( if you listen carefully) is because these leaders have a long term plan. They are already looking ahead and can see their companies being successful. This is not some New Age "Secret" fueled fantasy. And these people are not heartless B......s . These are leaders who have taken their ego out of the picture and are making necessary actions to achieve a vision.

NOTE: I'm not talking about some of the people you see on the evening news. These are business leaders who are quietly making sure that North America will be back on track as soon as possible.

So what does this mean to you? Are you facing a layoff? Are you wondering just how you can survive the next few months? How to get cash fast and pay the bills? Then I suggest you do the same thing these people are doing.

Take your ego out of the picture. Be realistic in your appraisal of your situation. Don't be in denial regarding the possible future; BUT don't get caught up in the hysteria either.

Make a list of your assets and liabilities. Figure out what you can turn into cash. Check out what can be sold on ebay or kiiji or craigslist or even at the local second hand store. This can be actual physical items or intangible things like your spare time.

Your assets can also include things like health and energy. Make sure to guard your health. Take a step back and give everything in your personal world a good long second look. ( Actually Christmas time is a great time to do this. Watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and really really think things through.)

Now think ahead. My personal goal is 2013. I have a hunch that the long flat bottom will start moving up a bit around then. There will be a need for human resources. What do you have that could be in demand then? How can you further develop your strengths? What contacts will you have to have made? How will potential customers or employers find you?

Build a personal business plan with 2013 ( or whatever your personal research indicates) in mind. Now the hard cuts you make now will diminish. Sacrifices will become investments in future success. Every action you now take will become positive.

Is this all just some way of sugar coating hard times? Yes, maybe a bit. But it is also the way that smart business leaders are acting. These people are going to be successful in the new upswing. They will have the advantage. Everyone will talk about how they were " lucky" to be at the right place at the right time. Nonsense!!!! I see them getting ready right now.

Find a way to incorporate these same actions in your life.

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