Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Story Behind This Blog's Creation

I have a secret. I am disabled. I have a weird condition which keeps me unable to function for most of the time. The symptoms shift around with a mind of their own. The pain is always there in some form. Some days my brain takes a holiday. Some days different parts of me simple decide not to do what my brain tells them. I never know which part is going to be the brat. It gets embarrassing at social functions when my tongue takes a walk. And not very pretty when my legs decide to take five half way down a mountain.

"Half way down a mountain"? Oh yes, I still keep trying to do stuff. Each day I wake up surprised that I'm still sick! And that is one reason why my disability is a secret. Oh people know there is something "not quite right" with me. And that I disappear regularly. But only my spouse knows the frustrating limitations I have.

So what does this have to do with Ethical Income Opportunities? Well, since a whack of stuff has been taken from my life, and the universe must balance itself, I seem to have been given a few gifts. The brain which shuts down after the first line on a cookie recipe can spot economic trends and opportunities years ahead. My lateral thinking has gone from vague musing to a fireworks of neuronal firings. I'm so tired of reminding people of how I've predicted things, that I've basically shut up about it ( except after a few glasses of wine....).

And now for the Irony and Opportunity. Even though I can spot these things I can't take advantage of them. Even now, this post has me just about blind with pain. The keyboard is soaked with sweat. It has taken me 45 minutes to get this far. So why do I do it? Because I love to think and research and want to share what I know with some people. That is your opportunity. Take what I have thought about and researched, and use it.

I have another blog called Practical Answers Link to Practical Answers . In my last post I shared about my Father-in-law's fight with cancer. In that post I wrote " It's not how much time we have in this life; but rather how much enjoyment we can squeeze out of it." That got me thinking and this blog is the result. I enjoy thinking and trend spotting and sharing what I know. I can't get out that often, and never know when I'll be laid up. So this is the best place to enjoy myself.

In my next post I'll explain why I decided on the title. ( and perhaps a few practical tidbits) IF you know how to add this to your RSS feed then feel free to do so. I'm still setting things up so I haven't got all the little buttons in place.

'till then,

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