Monday, August 14, 2006

Earn Extra Money by Doing Just ONE Thing Differently

You can earn extra money from home in a way that is so easy you may not believe it at first. You can earn this extra money by just changing one little habit. Oh yes, and you can get all sorts of discounts on products. You can get just about everything you buy on sale. You can get checks sent to you on a regular basis. And if you want, you can even become wealthy. Just by doing one little thing differently...............Put your conversations in writing!

OK, now I know you probably think I'm nuts or that this is some scam. But remember, I said " Extra Money". Yes there are some who can and have done this and been able to quit their jobs. Some have made fortunes. This is where your ethics come into play. Now let me explain.

Businesses know that the best kind of advertising is through word of mouth. And now there is a way of doing that through the internet. Think of the millions of dollars spent on TV or Newspaper advertising. A lot of that money is just thrown away on speculative customer fishing. Oh sure, the advertising companies will show statistics about increases in sales after campaigns. But there is nothing as effective as the personal recommendation.

Now think about what you talk to your friends about. If you see that Macy's is having a fantastic sale I'll bet that you are on the phone telling your friends. Or if you have found a shop that has the exact things you always use, and their prices are always the best, I think you spread the news. After all, the more business that shop does, the better the deals get, because they can buy in bigger quantities, and get discounts from their suppliers. It is a win win situation!

Forget about getting another job. Forget about that latest Multi-level Marketing craze. Earn extra income just by emailing your friends about the exact same things you have just talked about on the phone. Oh yes, and when you buy through you recommendations, you get a rebate check for your a staff discount. So why work for Macy's when you can just ask your friends to buy through your recommendation, and also get discounts on all you buy there. That extra money is not coming to you through some scam. That extra cash is coming to you because you are a one person marketing company that is only paid when sales are generated.

This is all done through a special code that is attached to the recommendation you email to your friends. When they click on the link you send them and buy something, the computers record the fact that they were sent through you. And then the extra money is automatically mailed out. This is called Affiliate Marketing..................And here is where the Ethics come in.

Do you really believe in the products you are recommending to your friends? Are the companies you recommend going to give great service? Are they going to pay you for your efforts? Do you just want to make some extra money from home, or are you wanting to make huge amounts of money? Affiliate marketing can get a bit swampy with all the questions that come up. I realized this after telling a friend about the opportunities to make extra money through affiliate marketing while we were on a stroll the other day.

She started asking me all sorts of detailed questions. I then realized that I had once again taken my researching talents for granted. I thought I could simply point out the opportunity, and that the average person could easily research out the best programs and the best methods. But as I tried to answer her questions, I found that I kept using the phrases " Well, you have to research. You have to sniff around. You have to eavesdrop in bulletin boards and chat rooms and see who is real and who is a scam artist. You can tell by the semantics. You can tell, by the logic." etc etc.

That is when I realized that if I was going to recommend this opportunity to make extra money to my friends and family, I was going to have to start a blog devoted to the step-by-step method of building up an ethical affiliate marketing practice.

I called the blog "Affiliate Marketing Secrets". It will give lessons on how to develop this great way to bring in extra money....Or if you are inclined......great wealth. Here is the link:

Affiliate Lessons

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