Thursday, August 17, 2006

eBay Your Way Through the Upcoming Recession

eBay and Google are fast becoming my favorite online businesses. They have proven that they are nimble and responsive ( I have just switched over to Google's Blogger beta and have an account with gmail, spreadsheets online, calendar, etc etc). eBay has adjusted fees, weeded out the bad guys, produced reports and tools to help everyone, from the budding entrepreneur, to the garage sale neophyte. And I believe these are the kind of partners to have to easily ride out the upcoming recession.

Oh yes, a recession is not just coming, it is probably here. The big money guys are trying to find a nice name for it. So they have called it " a well executed soft landing in a predictable business cycle". But just like that guy doing the old shell game, the thing you have to do is forget what he is saying and keep your eyes on the pea.......and right now all the big money managers are putting their money into cash and consumer staple stocks ( things people HAVE to buy regardless of how bad things get). Well that's the bad news, and now for the good news.

When the money gets tight, people will be looking for the best place to get deals. People are still going to want to buy things.....they have been conditioned to be consumers. It is a bigger sport than anything out there! And eBay has proven itself to be the place to go for the best prices. eBay has done a lot to earn the trust of the consumer. Just check out some of their announcements. They work hard to stay on top of things. They appreciate everyone who comes in their virtual doors.

Let me give you an example. I am looking for a camcorder. I checked at a shop up the street, and the best price I could get for the specs I wanted was $699. I did a quick check on eBay and found one going for $134!

People are getting wise to this! And eBay is becoming the destination of choice. And the auction process puts some fun into the process. And the best part is that eBay is trying their hardest to make it easy to set up business.

Click on the Ebay Banner in the sidebar, and then check out the selling resources eBay has set up. And yes there are courses on "how to be a power seller", but first of all try cleaning out the attic or basement to learn how the machinery works. Yes there are ways to make it big, but first find out what areas ignite your latent passions.

For now, here is your action plan:
  • Click on the Ebay box at the side of the page.
  • Register yourself. It is free and safe ( no spam or annoying emails)!
  • Go to the "Learning Center" link on the main page ( it should be near the bottom of the main body)
  • Have fun going through the Quick Start tutorial and watch some of the videos ( I told you eBay was doing everything they could to help you be successful!)
  • Join some of the communities to get even more tips and help from successful sellers.

Have fun!


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