Monday, September 11, 2006

THE Real Estate Investment Expert.

Here is a follow-up to my last post. I have been watching Don Campbell for a few years as well.

Now if you have read my previous posts you will know about the boom in Alberta. There have been quite a few people who have made a lot of money from real estate because of that boom. That makes me nervous. It is amazing how cocky and arrogant some people can become, just because they were in the right place at the right time. These so-called experts then ride the wave of their success and make careers teaching others to do the same thing they did.......without the benefit of market momentum. The result is a lot of lost money!

In my opinion, Don is not like that at all. I have been watching him closely and just finished listening to a presentation he gave last year. He is a true expert. He is a student of the real estate market. He uses a proven system. He understands the market cycle. He knows when to get in, and when to get out.

Don't let his baby face fool you. He is very very smart.
Don has started a club called the Real Estate Investment Network which has a free newsletter as well as great support and encouragement from fellow members. And he has written a couple of books to help the Canadian Real estate Investors.

But his expertise does not stop at the Canadian Border. He recognises the universality of his system and can apply it anywhere in the world. This is a big advantage to fellow investors. Why limit yourself to your home town? Why not go where the opportunity is?

Why not become a tycoon?

Well, its a thought eh?


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