Thursday, March 15, 2007

Earn Extra Money With your Camera

Can you really earn money with all the photos sitting on your hard drive? Oh yes.

This next suggestion came out of a frustrating experience.

I was helping a friend put a website together. I "volunteered" to put together a header and some graphics. This was gong to be simple......or so I thought. No struggling with HTML or Css etc etc.

Just go to the Internet and grab a few pics and slam them into a graphics program.

A few minutes actually turned into A FEW DAYS!

Yes there are tons of pictures on the Internet, but there are not a lot of good quality simple shots.

YES that's right......... SIMPLE ORDINARY SHOTS

Stuff that anyone can take on an average neighborhood walk. These are the shots that are valuable to websites. Forget the fancy flash graphics with spinning do da's and cute tunes.

If I'm putting a website together I want something like a fence post, or a leaf, or even a blade of grass. These are things that can be used as backgrounds, or to break up text etc.

Think about it. Yes a webmaster could scurry out with a digital camera and snap some shots; but that would be wasting precious time. The webmaster just wants to grab some graphics and build a site.

This is just one example of what can be done with digital photos on the Internet. The more I explore this idea the more possibilities I find.

You may think that anyone can just go to google's photos and grab what they want. Well, first of all, the search takes a lot of frustrating time. And secondly, most of the photos that come up are copyrighted. ( I recently listened to a highly respected lecturer do a presentation which was filled with graphics with "copyright" watermarks on them........He's not so respected anymore.....He just showed a thousand people that he is a thief.)

OK, so how do you take advantage of this discovery. How do you make it work.

I searched and found an inexpensive course that puts it all together.

A few years ago, I signed up for a Travel Writing Course. I spent a couple hundred dollars and several weeks attending classes. The teacher spent most of the time showing us how hard it was to make any money travel writing ( I think he didn't want the competition) and then got us to buy a bunch of books etc. So after several hundred dollars I came away frustrated and poorer.

This is different.

This course is a fraction of the cost and it shows how to start making money right away. It also gives you all the materials you need. ( camera excluded of course)

So if you have a digital camera and have the interest in carrying it around with you, this might be the way to make very easy and steady extra cash.

I'll give you the link to this course here. Just click on this if you want to explore this possibility more.

Thanks for reading this.


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