Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Host Your Own Video Program

You are an expert in something. Why not host a program on your expertise and get paid for it.

You have seen the popularity of uTube and google or yahoo video. Lots of people are putting up training videos, but the problem is that it is all free....if you can find them.

But now there is a new service ( still in beta) where you can post both free and fee based videos, audio and ebooks. This service is called FreeIQ. It is free to join and they make their money by collecting off of your for sale products.

The good thing about FreeIQ is that people go there to find information products. This qualifies the buyers. You know that the visitors value knowledge and are ready to pay for it. The free area allows you to post enough content for the visitor to get to know and trust you. So go to FreeIQ and look around. The home page works just like a search box. There are no distracting graphics.

If you are worried about looking like an idiot, there is a great seminar coming soon that will help train you. Check out the link to the training event here.

And if you are one of those who are wondering what you could do that people would pay money for, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

What do I love to do and talk about?
What are people always asking me about?
What special courses have I spent TONS of money on?

My most popular blog post has been on toilet repair. I could do a video on common toilet repairs. Do you make fluffy biscuits? It is all in the technique and nearly impossible to explain in writing. A short video would be a godsend to someone who seems to only be able to make flour hockey pucks. And on and on and on.

The great thing about FreeIQ is that it makes it possible to charge for your expertise. The content is streamed so that people cannot easily pirate it. So your information remains under your control. Why not take a peek at the site and see if it is something you could do. It is free to join. Here is another link to FreeIQ.

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