Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Survive the Recession ( and any other life crisis )

I spent last night reading the new book by Maple Ridge author, Jason Gallant.  By morning ( I"m a slow reader) I realized that I had just read something that millions around the world could use to alleviate the pain of financial failure during the next couple decades.*  The title of the book is Awakening with Arathi Ma , which is a strange title to have featured and reviewed in a blog dedicated to personal finance and income opportunities.  But it actually gave me the answers to some of the hardest questions you have sent to me.

What do you do when there simply are no income opportunities available?

Money is the foundation of who we are in our society.  Or is it?  Well, call me cynical, but the last person who told me that money wasn't everything was trying to sell me a $250 dollar course.

Money gives us comfort.  Security. Prestige.  Freedom.

Money helps the breadwinner bring home the bacon.  It helps the homemaker put food on the table.  It fills the night with vitality and laughter.  Days with hope and purpose.

Common questions such as "So what do you do?" are really code for "How much money do you make" and "How important are you?".  Money rules your life.  If you move, you need money.

So what happens when you don't have any money?

What happens when every feel good easy answer cliche that western culture dishes up, just falls flat?

You still need answers.  You still have to be able to look at yourself in the mirror with some self respect.  You need more than hollow hope.

Jason deals with all of this in an autobiographical tale which is an easy interesting read.  And despite the exotic title, it is written from a modern western cultural perspective.  There are explorations into other cultures and spiritual paths, but everything is done through the eyes of a kid from suburbia.

I've known Jason for twenty years and have always been impressed with his maverick nature.  He is a modern day embodiment of a mythological Greek hero.  Born with a charismatic personality which should have made him a natural for the stage or podium, he was also cursed with a mind which questioned everything.

Most of us accommodate a truce with truth at some point.  We make deals with the devil.  Accept reality in return for security.  Turn a blind eye when needed.  Shrug our shoulders and get on with our day.
 I think Jason is incapable of doing so.

Jason's searing perspective has kept him from adopting a persona which we see so often in the self help arena.  There are too many big toothy sun tanned faces promising us joy for only 3 easy payments of $199.  Jason's approach is more like " Buy this cheap book and read what I've been through.  I hope you will see  you are not alone and there are answers which can work for you. ( my paraphrase)".

There are answers to the financial devastation felt by many people during these times.

The painful truth is that you might be broke for some time.  It is not your fault.
How are you planning to deal with that?  How are you planning on keeping all those you love together and safe?

I'm doing some research and will be sharing some ideas in future blog posts.
In the meantime, I think that taking a few hours and reading Jason Gallant's
Awakening with Arathi Ma  will help you to work through those deep secret questions and feelings you think are yours alone.

If you are curious about Jason Gallant, you can see a bit more about him on his website:

* I've explained my view on the upcoming years in other posts.

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