Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Increase Your Company Profits and Help Generate Jobs

If you own a business of any size. If you have a product or service. You can thrive, even in these tough times. Don't be fooled by the mass hysteria out there. While the press is scrounging up every doom and gloom story they can find, there are some people quietly multiplying their profits.

Too good to be true? Nope. I've been watching a very interesting experiment for the last month. A group of business people, mostly small business or single ownership entrepreneurs, were given an advanced copy of a special training program. They were told to report back in a couple of weeks with the results. (yes they had to work like dogs...the total training is meant to be spread out over months )

The results? Increases in business and profits in the 100%'s. And because of the condensed nature of the test, they were only able to implement a few of the features. This was done last month. It was tested in real life with real people, in the darkest pre-Obama days of doom and gloom.

I'm not going to go on and on here. If you have a business, or a product, or a service, just check this out. It is sponsored by a company with the highest reputation in the industry. And here is the kicker....they just lowered the price so that anyone can afford it.

I hate writing like this....makes me sound like some hyped up sales guy. The truth is that I've been studying Formula 5 for a while and have held back recommending it to my subscribers because of the hefty initial price tag....Yup it was a Cadillac product that was once again only going to be affordable to people who were already successful. Like all Stomper products, it was premium quality with a premium price tag. BUT THEN

Andy surprised me yesterday. Because of the recession, they are doing something to give back and help get businesses going again. They restructured the pricing so that anyone can afford this.

That means that businesses can start thriving again. More employees can be hired. Sub contractors can get work flowing to them. A business can turn from begging at the bank to choosing where to deposit and invest. Yes these guys have always been the good guys, but now they are putting their money where their mouth is.

So again, if you have a business, or a product, or a service, then just check this out.

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