Friday, January 30, 2009

Internet Failure? You Too?

OK I had to comment on this because it is one of those " so funny because it is soooo true" things.

Every day there are huge masses of people heading out on the internet in search of instant fortunes. Usually they have bought a product that offers them just that. BUT, they forgot to read the fine print. Most of these get rich quick on the internet programs are built around marketing trends and technical tweaks that have run dry. It is just like getting in on the bottom level of the latest party sales product.

People do make money on the internet. And yes some people do it in a very short amount of time. But these people usually follow very structured, time honoured business plans. And they have access to mentors who are quick to advise them of current trends. It is a bit like sailing, you have to always be watching the tell tales on the sail.

So what to do if you are planning to explore the internet as a source of income? Well, as I've said before, have a clear understanding of your personality and values, get a mentor that matches you, and follow an ethical tried and true path.

For those of you who like a fresh fun and energetic approach, then you should check out Russell's new program. Click this link for a laugh, but remember that every success requires effort.

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