Monday, March 09, 2009

How to Take Advantage of the Stimulus Package

Every government is promising help through stimulus packages. BUT as of yet, nothing is coming down the pipe! Oh yes, all the big guys who made this mess happen are getting boatloads of cash, but has anyone from the bank phoned you up to tell you that your mortgage has been paid in full for the next year? Thought so.

So how can you benefit RIGHT NOW from the stimulus that never appears? Be an American.
And yes ahem, I'm Canadian.

Here is a quick background note before I give you some tips.

I was traveling recently and got a lot of the typical anti-American comments. My response was to enlighten these people on what I call the "American Genius" . We "enlightened nations" like to sit down and discuss and analyze and dissect issues. Americans like to simplify and act. This is their strength. Underneath all the bull, there has to be some simple thing you can do right now. While we are still soul searching, Americans are moving. And guess who tends to get there first?

I see the same thing happening right now. Many people are pointing fingers, or buying lottery tickets, or bolting their office chairs to the floor. But others are looking at their wallets and then looking at the horizon and planning to take action.

A bunch of money is finally going to flush through the system. It will be there and then it will be gone. Are you ready?

Have you read and done the actions steps I listed in my previous blog post? Here is the post where I tell you how to succeed in the upcoming economic times.

Also, look over and click on the "recession help" label to see other posts I have made. I've been predicting this for two years before any "experts" raised their voices. And I also said that it will be 2013 before the average family can feel secure once again. But that is typical Canadian navel gazing. Let's see what you can do right now.

Tune into the news. Listen very carefully to your politicians. Write down the buzz words they are using. They will soon have access to cash, and will want to send it to the people who have supported them. "Infrastructure" is a big broad word.

Ask yourself what it is that you are the best at. What do you love to do? Apply for training in those areas, but always be thinking about how you can slant the applicability toward your local politicians' biases.

Move forward in being the best in the field you love. And also constantly look to see how you can apply this to the current sexy trends. I know that this sounds very general, but I've been brainstorming and can come up with a number of options for every situation. The key is in reducing the problem down and then taking action. Action is the secret.

You can stare at the train coming down the track, or you can step aside and swing aboard.

Analyze, Plan, and Act.

oops my soapbox is sagging!

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