Friday, March 13, 2009

To Make Money Online you need to Do This First♠

Making money online on the internet is simple IF you do this one thing FIRST!
Create a business plan.
OK I'll tell you a fast way to do this and how to start making a real income ASAP. But please understand the seriousness of what I'm saying.
Making money online is no different than making money in any other area of the market. You have to offer a product or service that someone values enough to exchange for cash.

The good news is that there are quite a few ways to make a living on the internet.

If you have read my other posts, you now have a good idea of where your strengths lie. Now all you have to do is bundle them in a manner that works on the internet. There are a few key pieces of software that you will need to get going. And yes, I'm trying to find the best, inexpensive, and yes free software available. But in the end, it will do you no good unless you know how to turn all this into money. It is like me giving you a complete set of mechanic's tools and telling you to open up a garage! You need someone to help you put the business together.

I'll tell you a secret that most of the " buy this software and make a million" promotions forget to tell you. Every successful internet business has had a mentor.

Now, you can jump in, like some of my friends, and pay $2,300 to $9,000 for time with proven teachers. But, do you have that kind of cash? Oh yes, and these guys only teach a few people at a time. Or you can go with a proven company who is designed to help people start out on the internet.

I went with the company.

The main reason I'm writing this post is that I've just been told that this company has an offer that just blew me away. Now I don't know when you are reading this, so I just hope that you can get in on this. There is an amazing price for an incredible amount of product and training. And here is the kicker.

This company will PAY YOU if you fail.

Yes that is right. OH I know this sounds spammy, but that is the standing guarantee. A full refund and $200 bucks for a failure.

Now, don't get too excited about the two hundred bucks. Try to think like a winner. What they are saying is that you can make so much money, that the $200 will not even be a temptation. Instead you will feel gratitude and be moving on to success after success.

I can't tell you how much the cost of this course is right now, because I don't know when you are reading this post. But I can tell you that the regular cost is 1/10th of the price you would pay for the cheapest coaching out there AND THEY GIVE YOU FREE SOFTWARE.

Let me summarize:

Yes people are making money online right now. Internet sales have seen aprox 3-6% increases while the rest of the market was tanking.

In order for YOU to make money online you need a business plan.

There are proven teachers and coaches. Most proven coaches cost in the thousands of dollars.

IMC costs a fraction of that, gives you free software, and pays you if you fail. Duh.

OK so why do they do this? Because they will earn more money from you as you progress in business. Think about it. If someone helped you to start earning money on the internet, don't you think you would go to them when you needed to add more software, or training into your online business? These guys are big, and are a mature company. Not some one-guy startup who needs every cent he can get from you.

I think I have flogged this horse to death. Now it is time for you to take a look and see if this works for you. You can find IMC through this link.

Hope this helps.

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