Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to Create an iPhone App and Make Money With It.

There is no great mystery on how to quickly and easily create an iPhone Application and start making money with it. It is simply a matter of following some step by step instructions, and of course to have an idea of what people would be interested in using.

The great thing about iPhone applications is that there is such a wide variety of topics to choose from, and even the weirdest ones can make a lot of money. A few months ago, Joel Comm's company sent out a request for ideas on apps. Infomedia is an amazing company when it comes to social media, and so I watched to see what great product they would choose to promote. I must say that I was stunned when I saw Joel on Fox News promoting an electronic fart!

Even more amazing is the fact that, the last time I checked, they had made over $100,000 selling farts! If Joel Comm can make $100,000 selling a farting iphone application, what could you do? ( UPDATE: Joel just posted that he was made over $300,000 now with this iPhone Fart)

A good place to start looking for ideas is, of course, the Apple iPhone download site. But another one that is a bit easier to digest would be the site in the iPhone software section. Just wander through the categories and then let your subconscious start working on ideas.

Carry a pad and pen with you for a few days and write down every idea that comes to mind. Don't edit any as being too stupid. ( remember the fart success)

Creating an iPhone application is just a matter of following a step by step process. It is actually easier than putting together some Ikea furniture, because you don't have to try to understand some weird drawings!

Just go to this site and get the instructions on how to build an iPhone app in minutes.

Take your pad and start working out the top ten ideas. Try to spread them across all of the different categories you saw in iLounge. Start building and testing. The market is huge and only getting bigger!

Apple recently issued a press announcement celebrating over 1.5 BILLION downloads.

"CUPERTINO, California—July 14, 2009—Apple® today announced that customers have downloaded more than 1.5 billion applications in just one year from its revolutionary App Store, the largest applications store in the world. The App Store is also growing at an incredible pace with more than 65,000 apps and more than 100,000 developers in the iPhone™ Developer Program.

“The App Store is like nothing the industry has ever seen before in both scale and quality,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “With 1.5 billion apps downloaded, it is going to be very hard for others to catch up.”

The revolutionary App Store has more than 65,000 apps available to consumers in 77 countries, allowing developers to reach tens of millions of iPhone and iPod® touch users around the world. The App Store works with both iPod touch and iPhone including the new iPhone 3GS, the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet. Apple has shipped over 40 million of these devices that run apps from the App Store." (source: Apple Press Release Library )

Look at those numbers.

1.5 billion sales with only 65 thousand apps.

65 thousand iPhone apps may sound like a lot, but remember that this means that people are going to start looking for very specific applications. Gone are the days when they will try to make do with a general application.

You can make and sell an iPhone application if it is very specific. And this means that it will be easier for you to make! You don't have to have some great big complicated multilevel program.

Remember, the customer just wants to find something that is a quick and easy one button solution to a common problem.

OK so go get your instructions on how to create an iPhone app through this link, and then get your thinking cap on!

And remember.....Joel made over $100,000 in a few months selling FARTS!

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